Truck drivers are the backbone of today’s supply chain. Without truck drivers, goods would come at a much higher price and would be far more difficult to receive. In today’s growing economy, trucking companies are finding it more and more difficult to find, hire, and retain truck drivers. Every period of economic growth is accompanied by this shortage of drivers. This shortage of drivers threatens to raise costs for freight buyers.

Part of this shortage seems to stem from the fact that fewer new drivers are entering the profession in comparison to the larger number of older truck drivers retiring. This has created some problems for smaller fleet companies that cannot compete with the bigger trucking giants who offer sign-on bonuses. Earlier in the year, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) estimated a shortage of between 35,000 Р45,000 drivers.

The good news, if you received your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), there is almost certainly a job available for you. Many organizations, including the ATA, have begun campaigning to get people interested in the truck driving industry. Both men and women are encouraged to apply. Truck driving remains an essential part of America’s economy. As such, truck driver’s need to be aware of federal and state regulations as they journey throughout the nation.